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At Baja Pirates our mission is to provide the most complete and best value fishing vacations available. Choice is the big difference between Baja Pirates and all other outfitters in La Paz. No other outfitter offers the choices we do to make your vacation in La Paz so special.


We have partnered with several of the best facilities in La Paz to give our customers a choice. From downtown to out of town we have the gamut covered from resorts to bed and breakfast facilities.


We operate the largest most modern fleet of American style boats in La Paz. These boats better for several reasons. We have built in fish boxes and improved bait systems. Your bait will last all day and not die in the middle of the day which is common with outfitters not offering the same equipment. All our boats have complete U.S. Coastguard approved safety systems. Ice is provided on board to chill the fish after they are caught. Top end fishing gear comes standard on each boat. With the quality fishing gear we provide, you don’t have to bring your own gear to be sure it will hold up to the demand of catching large fish.


We operate our own transportation system. We can pick you up at either the La Paz or Cabo airport. We shuttle you between your accommodations to and from the fleet. We also shuttle you to and from your accommodations to and from the market or dinner reservations.


Again, choice plays a big part in how we do our business. We offer Scuba, Snorkeling, Sea Kayaking, Golf, and Day Tours. We provide Spa and shopping for the non-fishermen. You can mix and match you activities to make your vacation custom to your needs.


This is the area where we excel. Using the lessons we learned in Alaska and applying them here. We have set ourselves apart from the competition. The little things matter. Communication, Commitment and Follow-Through are paramount. We greet each client every day with a smile. We have learned that Mother Nature is in charge and we cannot control the weather or the bite, but we can control or level of service and that is what we do.

Our motto is the “Best Boats, Best Gear and Best Service.” This motto calls us to a higher standard.

Come and experience the Baja Pirate difference!

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Leonard Phillips
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Please call or email if you have any questions at all:

Leonard Phillips
Phone: 866-454-5386
Email: leonard@bajapiratesoflapaz.com

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