About La Paz

La Paz is the undiscovered secret in Baja California Sur (southern state of Baja).

By undiscovered we mean, undiscovered to the tourist world.

La Paz was originally discovered by European explorers in 1535 by Hernan Cortes. He named the area Santa Cruz. He tried to start a colony but abandoned his effort several years later. In 1596 Sebastian Vizciano arrived and gave the name La Paz to the area (the Spanish translation is The Peace).

La Paz is an important commercial area as well as being the state capital of Baja California Sur. It covers a very large geographic area of over 7800 square miles. The 2010 census puts the city at over 215,000 inhabitants. If you include the surrounding areas it swells to over 300,000. Many people only see the downtown area and find La Paz's size hard to believe. One of the major reasons La Paz’s population continues to grow is that La Paz boasts one of the highest standards of living in Mexico.

In a recent FORBES publication, La Paz was listed in the top ten ‘Safest International Cities to Visit’. La Paz was the third safest on that list.

The Malecon waterfront walkway

Speaking about the downtown area, this where you will find the “Malecon”.

The Malecon is an ornate sidewalk extending approximately 3.5 miles along the bay of La Paz.

The Malecon is the center of our culture.

In the mornings you will see many people jogging, walking their dogs, and exercising. During the evenings everyone gathers along this area to stroll, listen to concerts, view sand sculpture, enter dance contests, watch volleyball games, and generally catch up on the latest gossip. Across from the water you will find many restaurants, shops and hotels. During the evenings the Malecon is a great place to view our famous sunsets.

Our Weather

The weather in La Paz is that of an arid desert climate with over 300 days of sun per year!

The average temperature during the spring (March and April) runs from 73-77 degrees.

Summer temperatures are normally 93-97 degrees with a bit higher humidity. During the summer we get cooling winds at night to help.

During the winter months, (Dec. – Feb.) the nights drop down to as low as 59 degrees with daytime temperatures between 68 and 77 degrees.

Mardi Gras!

La Paz is also home to one of the greatest Carnival festivals in Mexico. Six days before Ash Wednesday the city comes together to celebrate. This Mardi-Gras type of festival is not to be missed.

Come and see what we are talking about and you will start discovering the secrets of La Paz!

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